Donations in kind

Several times a year we have the possibility to send donations in kind to AMPO in Burkina Faso.
Since processing and transport incur costs, we try to ensure that donations in kind are appropriate to the needs. Please donate only the goods listed below.
Each package should be properly and securely packed and marked on the outside with a completed list of contents (see download). Donations in kind may be sent direct to the container store. Please contact us for the required delivery information (times and access).
We also welcome financial support for transport costs to Burkina Faso.



We welcome donations of clothing suitable for our target group: children in our facilities between the ages of 0-20 years old and needy families referred from our Clinic or the Women’s Counselling Centre. Please bear in mind that temperatures can reach 40°C  in Burkina Faso. If clothing is unsuitable (e.g. winter clothing or clothing for adults) it can be sent to charity fundraisers which support our association with schemes offering a voting code with which you can vote for AMPO International. With a bit of luck and sufficient votes we are then given a cash donation.

Please only donate clothes that are clean and in good condition.

Baby sizes 50-92: clothing, feeding bottles, baby blankets
Children, young people 2-21 years old: appropriate outer garments, hats, caps, shoes (not winter shoes with linings), belts

What we don’t need:

  • Winter clothing like lined winter shoes, jackets, gloves
  • Babies’ or childrens’ sleeping bags
  • Clothing for adults
  • Underwear or socks

School and leisure articles:

We welcome any kind of writing materials for the children in our facilities but also for our office, but please bear in mind the local climatic conditions. Felt-tip pens, gel pens and plastic toys do not withstand the heat, they dry up or become brittle. Besides, we do not wish to flood our partner land with plastic, because there is no possibility of this kind of rubbish disposal in the country.

School and office accessories:

General office material (e.g. paper, files, hole punches) and school accessories (e.g. pencils and coloured pencils, pencil sharpeners, rulers, erasers, pocket calculators, chalk) and satchels

Leisure articles:

Rucksacks, footballs, handballs, sports jerseys, sports shoes, karate suits, roller skates, helmets, monocycles and other circus props like juggling plates, scooters

What we don’t need:

  • Plastic toys
  • School exercise books, because they have a different ruling type in Burkina Faso than in Europe
  • Felt-tip pens, rubber stamps

Other articles

Machines and equipment:

Sewing machines in working order: pedal operated or electric
Tools: drills, planes, saws, vices, any kind of cable, files, screwdrivers, etc.
Garden equipment: hoes, spades, rakes, shovels, garden shears, wheelbarrows, vegetable seeds
(Please donate only rust-free equipment in working order)

Medical supplies:

Dressings and bandages, mobility aids, pushchairs, disposable gloves, PPE (We can only accept unused medical supplies and such within expiry dates. Walker frames are impractical because of the poor road surfaces.)


Minibusses, 4-wheel drives, box vans, flatbed trucks, bicycles in working order (Preferably Toyota and Mercedes on account of the market for spare parts here in Burkina Faso)

Each package should be properly and securely packed and marked on the outside with a completed list of contents (see download). Donations in kind may be sent to our office or direct to the container store.

For packages less than 10 kg:
AMPO International e.V.
Lübecker Straße 10
24306 Plön
Tel.: +49–4522–7898 85

For packages in excess of 10 kg or direct delivery:
Containerlager AMPO International e.V.
c/o Bernd Dunkelgod
Plöner Str. 161
24536 Neumünster

We cannot accept transport cost for donations in kind. Please contact us for the required delivery details (times and access).