Donations in kind

Several times a year we have the possibility to send donations in kind to AMPO in Burkina Faso.
Since processing and transport incur costs, we try to ensure that donations in kind are appropriate to the needs. Please donate only the goods listed below.
Each package should be properly and securely packed and marked on the outside with a completed list of contents (see download). Donations in kind may be sent direct to the container store. Please contact us for the required delivery information (times and access).
We also welcome financial support for transport costs to Burkina Faso.


AMPO Orphanages:

Blackboards, satchels, sports equipment for soccer and/or volleyball (balls, whistles, removable goalposts, nets), circus props, educational games


P.P.Filles Counselling Centre for women and microcredits:

Sewing machines for those women receiving microcredits, computers, kitchen utensils, (cutlery, bowls – no porcelain please)


TONDTENGA Agricultural college and organic farm:

Garden equipment (watering cans, rakes, spades, spraying equipment, machetes, rubber boots, cord, tarpaulins), wheelbarrows, solar panels,  batteries for solar panels, chairs


AMPO Administration

Office material (files, adhesive tape, shredders, staplers)


MAM DUNIA - training kitchen and restaurant:

Bar tables, microwaves, pressure cookers, heating containers, ice-cream maker, drinking glasses (juice, wine, beer, water)


MIA-ALMA Refuge for abandoned girls:

Office desks, chairs

AMPO Clinic:


Antibiotics, cough medicine, antimycotics (for treatment of fungal diseases), anti-inflammatory products, fever-reducing drugs, antiparasitics, Betadine (disinfectant ointment), zinc cream, gentian violet

We only accept unopened medicines. Please observe expiry dates.

Medical supplies:

Surgical stitches, blood pressure monitors, clinical thermometers, compresses, gas strips for wound treatment, personal scales, sterile gloves, adhesive plasters, antiseptics, autoclave (gas-tight, lockable pressure vessel), crutches, pushable, folding wheelchairs, tunics (nursing overalls), cases with ophthalmic testing lenses, frames for testing lenses, ophthalmoscope, refractometer, Frontofocometer (device for measuring frontal imaging performance of optical lenses), slit lamp, optotype (reading poster), reading glasses, reading glass frames, sunglasses, lenses, ultrasound scanner, electrotherapy equipment, verticaliser, Klintex (electrical device for knee mobilisation), neck stretching equipment, vibration pads, Bruxism splints, ankle braces, lumbar supports, electrical obstetric stethoscope, pulse oximeter, blood glucose meter, measuring bar (body height), surgical box, turbines, micromotors, tongue depressors, lamp for composites, aspirator tips, milling tools, dentures, self-setting resin powder and liquid, modelling wax, digital camera with charger and memory card.

Children’s toys for the LINDA Project (for undernourished infants)



What we don't need:

Clothing, blankets, plastic toys


AMPO in Ouagadougou keeps us informed on a regular basis if other specific donations are needed. We will publish this information as part of an appeal for donations in kind. 

Thank you for your support.

Each package should be properly and securely packed and marked on the outside with a completed list of contents (see download). Donations in kind may be sent to our office or direct to the container store.

For packages less than 10 kg:
AMPO International e.V.
Blücherstraße 41
10961 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 6416 5504

For packages in excess of 10 kg or direct delivery:
Containerlager AMPO International e.V.
c/o Bernd Dunkelgod
Plöner Str. 161
24536 Neumünster

We cannot accept transport cost for donations in kind. Please contact us for the required delivery details (times and access).