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Lovely fundraiser from Lucia

Lucia from the Rudolf Steiner school in Mannheim came up with a brilliant idea:

In a small grocery store “Speisekammer“ (larder) she sold her homemade oilcloth. The shop supported her initiative, displaying AMPO International brochures. They collected a tidy sum just in time for Christmas.

Katrin Rohde is planning to visit the school this year to give first-hand information about AMPO. We can only hope that Corona does not put paid to that. If things work out, a visit to the larder is guaranteed.

Thanks, Lucia for your great initiative!


AMPO receives donations

Towards the end of summer 2020 the Volkssolidarität and Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft Berolina eG associations launched an appeal once more in support of AMPO. They bought new pencil cases, volleyballs, baseball caps and a volleyball net as part of a team effort and then started packing. The two associations also added a very welcome financial donation on top. Thank you!

The container arrived at AMPO in Ouagadougou in time for Christmas and the children set about unpacking.

Monthly diary

All’s well that ends well

Bibata is a young girl who is the victim of forced marriage. She ran away from a family court to stay with her friend. Some time later she returned to her family hoping that they had given up on the idea of marrying her off against her will. Sadly that was not the case. She refused to marry once again and was then banished by her father. She found refuge with the social services in Koubri. The social-work department asked AMPO to take her in to MIA/ALMA while they were making further attempts to reconcile her with her family. A few months after she arrived at MIA/ALMA she discovered she was pregnant. The social services were informed and contact was made to the alleged father. Two weeks after the baby was born the father came to MIA/ALMA and (fortunately) accepted paternity of his son.  

Siamese twins in the AMPO Rehab Unit

They are 3 months old and require nursing care until they are 6 months old when the doctors will decide if an operation is possible. Until then they will remain at AMPO. Their mother who suffers from mental illness unfortunately cannot look after them.

Monthly diary

The current situation has been exacerbated by the security crisis with hundreds of thousands of refugees pouring in to the capital, the scarcity of food between mid-July and late September, not to mention the increase in food prices. Our plan is to provide food for families who are victims of this crisis.

Monthly diary

In April we received a letter with a cry for help from Michel Ziba

”My name is Michel, I’m married and have 4 children. I used to work as a bricklayer. One day I was working on the support structure of a two-storey building when one of the beams came into contact with a power cable. I got an electric shock and lost both arms. I spent 6 months in hospital, 2 of them in a coma. I’ve been living with this disability now for 5 years. I was abandoned by friends and acquaintances, but thank God I’m still alive.

10 years AMPO Danmark

It is a beautiful summer’s day in the lovely garden of a small villa on the outskirts of Aarhus in Denmark. There is a marquee to provide shade, cakes and refreshments are on offer and lots of happy faces are here to welcome me. AMPO Danmark is ten years old today.

This month's diary from AMPO

Two years after the birth of her first son, Fatoumata gave birth to twins three weeks ago. Fatoumata’s husband lost his job on account of the Covid-19 pandemic and she herself is a housewife, which in this country means the same as unemployed. The couple was confronted by difficulties on two counts, Fatouma sufferered from untreated anaemia after the birth of the twins and, because her husband had lost his job, they were unable to afford care and treatment.  

Thank you, Denmark!

Our partners in Denmark, AMPO-Danmark have come up with a great fundraiser:

A group of women are knitting kitchen cloths of organic wool and selling them to raise money for the Panga la Wende wheelchair project. They

This month’s diary from AMPO

This month we’d like to tell you how the girls in the orphanage have been spending their time during quarantine.
It has been a difficult time for many people and for the children in particular. To meet the challenge the team of educators at the orphanage for girls has come up with a special CORONA programme.

AMPO Newsletter Spring 2020

Dear friends of our orphan children,

That has been more or less the opening of my quarterly newsletter to you, our friends, donors and sponsors for the past decades. And it’s going to stay that way.

You have been faithful to us and I will be faithful to you. Since I can no longer be in Burkina Faso as often as I was in the past, I’ll let the Directors responsible for the facilities address you themselves. All of them are doing a wonderful job with the women and children. I trust you and your loved ones are doing well and hope you can derive some benefit from these changing times.

This month's diary from AMPO

Orphanage for girls: Hi, my name is Achata Samake and I live in the Orphanage for girls. This month I’d like to talk to you about traditional medicine which Mogho Naaba has claimed can be used to combat Covid-19 since 9th March.

Everything has come to a standstill and we haven’t been to school since 16th March. We have just heard That schools won’t go back until 1st June wird. Markets have shut down, airspace and land borders are closed, along with mosques and churches. A curfew has been imposed from 7 p.m. until 5 a.m. and everyone is living in fear. The authorities are looking for solutions to stop the spread of this terrible disease. Some of the measures include wearing a mask, quarantine in certain towns and “Stay at home!” The problem is so serious that any solution proposal is welcome. That is why our Emperor Mogho Naaba invited the associations of traditional healers to submit their opinion. Good healers are often very successful here and are very much respected. Nine plants were identified that are said to offer protection against infectious diseases. We only hope that they can also help against Covid-19. The following herbal remedies were named:

Beng vãndo, Kafr mandé, Wiliwigavãndo, Kelpõko, Zangpõko, Tiigayawilinga, Zãnga, Tãnga, Bita vãndo.

Fortunately most of these plants can be found at Tondtenga, our AMPO farm. The educators went off to fetch them and now the AMPO kids can wash themselves once a week with the brew made from the boiled leaves.

We’d like to thank Mogho Naaba for thinking of us. We wish him long life and may God save the whole world.“