Mission statement


The purpose of our Association is to support the facilities of AMPO, Association Managré Nooma pour la protection des orphelins (Association for the protection of orphans) in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso. We assist children who are orphans or half-orphans, offering them protection, food, accommodation, schooling and psychological support. Another AMPO facility is there to assist young women who have been driven out of their villages, providing them with a fresh start and enabling them to lead independent lives. Our mission is therefore to promote education, integration, courage and strength towards a life of self-determination.

The aim of the Association is also to allow access for as many people as possible to medical and health support, by offering free treatment and medication to the poorest of the poor at our AMPO Clinic.

In supporting the various facilities our goal is to counteract a refugee movement which is driving people towards a future without dignity. Our aim is to show them the prospects available in their own country  and to offer them assistance. The children especially are the future of this country.

Our members have the opportunity to play an active role in our Association. Regular meetings take place in various towns and cities to provide access to AMPO on a wider platform. We offer companies, donors and foundations the possibility to publish their support for a charitable cause through their own media and on social media.

It is important for our staff to have first-hand knowledge of the AMPO facilities on site for them to assess and provide accurate information. This increases motivation to develop ideas and strategies to sustain the AMPO facilities.


Our association exclusively supports the facilities of AMPO! Our vision is to attract those people who are reluctant to donate to large anonymous organisations. Our aim is to network a large number of members engaged in voluntary work throughout Germany and in other European countries. We support friends of the Association, regulars‘ meetings and events and we appreciate their voluntary input. We acknowledge outstanding dedication with invitations to visit the project. Members endeavour to extend the network even further, striving to ensure that each person involved identifies with the AMPO project.


Our values apply across the board. In our office in Germany we work on the principles of equality and social participation. Our staff is selected irrespective of age, gender or gender identity, cultural background, religious affiliation or sexual orientation. Political opinions must not be in conflict with our mission nor reflect radical and/or nationalistic ideas.

With these values we support the values of AMPO in Africa.

From a very early age the children are taught to assume responsibility. They learn mutual acceptance in the practice of their respective religions. Throughout the project consideration is given to physical and/or mental disabilities. The promotion of self-esteem and inherent talent is a high priority. Each child is made aware of basic human rights: the right to dignity, food, clothing, education, etc.

These values engender sustainability. On completion of their training, many of the former orphans have the opportunity to find employment within the project and earn their own living.

Our values and the values applied in Africa go hand in hand with no order of preference.

Guiding principles

“A child can become anything later, but only if it can first be a child.”

“We try to imbue the AMPO children with a sense of openness and responsibility: Take heart and take the initiative, we’re here to help you.”