Sponsor a child

A child can become anything later, but only if it can first be a child. Sponsor a child.

As a sponsor you will help to secure the most basic needs of our children - education, health and nourishment. This can change the life of each child with long-term effects on its environment and its family circumstances. We make every effort to do the best for the children, establishing and encouraging contact to their original families whenever possible.

Sponsor a child for € 30 a month

Please contact us for further information:

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This is the guiding principle of our orphanages in Burkina Faso in West Africa, where we care for up to 120 children and young people between the ages of 6 and 20.  They come to us a orphans or half-orphans, destitute and in need. As a sponsor you can help the child along the way.

Let the child be a child

Our aim is to enable the children to grow up in a child-friendly environment, promote self-confidence and in the long run to help them become independent. In the AMPO orphanages the children have rights but they also have duties, just like in a regular family. Every new child is allocated a sister or brother who takes responsibility for the child within the large family and looks after its wellbeing. This is something the children are very proud of.

Prepare for the future

Every child is given the opportunity of schooling and vocational training according to its capabilities, because education is the key to a life of independence and happiness as adults in their own country. You can support a child on the long road to independence by becoming a sponsor, a long-term companion.

Stay healthy

Regular meals freshly cooked from regional products is a novel experience for most children. The children also receive medical care and psychosocial support.

Sponsor training

We are convinced that the way out of poverty is through education and training. This is why each child at AMPO is given a grounding in basic education. After that we look for good training conditions and job opportunities. Unlike in Europe, young people in vocational training in Burkina Faso are unpaid and in some cases (as for school education) they have to pay high fees to the training facilities.

To give them the possibility for training we are always on the lookout for training sponsors.

AMPO endeavours to offer vocational training to as many young people as possible in schemes which provide solid training within a relatively short period of time (2 - 3 years) with prospects of future job security:

  • medical professions e.g. midwife, nurse, pharmacist, lab technician
  • social professions e.g. primary teacher, social-worker
  • administration e.g. secretary, human-resource manager, customs officer
  • manual trades e.g. mechanic, electrician, welder, metalworker, carpenter, hairdresser, tailor

You yourself may be a lawyer, electrician or bank clerk who might enjoy the opportunity of opening the door to your profession to a young future colleague. On the other hand, you might enable a young person in Africa to work in a profession that you always wanted to exercise yourself but were never able to.

For whatever reason, a training sponsorship, in full or in part, will change the life of a young person here in the long term and give them the possibility to earn a living for themselves and their future family. We are counting on your support. Choose the amount you wish to contribute regularly and make schooling or vocational training possible for our young people.


Promoting training

Basic schooling and vocational training are the key to enable people to live a life of self-determination in their own country in the long term and to break the cycle of poverty. AMPO supports every child in finding the right place in a future career.


Vocational training

One of the principal goals of AMPO is to provide solid vocational training. The AMPO team is there to assist everyone leaving the orphanages with practical advice. Funding is available for training and further education and even university studies are subsidised.

If you are interested in sponsorship or wish to find out more, simply use the Contact form and we will get back to you, or contact our office direct.