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P.P.Filles – Counselling Centre for women

"Who would have thought that such cowed, neglected and suppressed women could turn out to be such proud, independent family providers? Many years ago our head sociologist introduced a system of group microcredits which turned out to be a great success.“

Katrin Rohde "Mama Tenga – My African Life“

P.P.Filles targets socially challenged women and girls, offering them counsel and material assistance.The broad scope of the centre’s activities ranges from educational projects on sexual issues, contraception, HIV-AIDS and female genital mutilation, including counselling for mistreated women,to microcredits for groups of women who want to set up their own small business. In addition P.P.Filles organises discussion groups – an important tool in a society in which women in particular are not accustomed to turning to other people with their problems.

P.P.Filles is an open house to which anyone can come. Matters which go beyond the remit of the centre and referred by the staff to the proper authorities or appropriate bodies. They also work in very close cooperation with the other AMPO institutions. In this way mistreated women may also be referred to the AMPO Clinic. Homeless girls may find shelter at MIA-ALMA, undernourished babies are given a chance of survival through the LINDA Project. Conversely P.P.Filles takes their awareness campaigns to the other AMPO institutions: the awareness films and group discussions are also of particular benefit to the girls and boys from the AMPO Orphanages and MIA-ALMA.


P.P.Filles not only conduct their activities on their own premises, they carry their message to schools and neighbourhood districts.

With their CinéMobile they have the means to spread information on the rights of women and girls in the more remote areas of the country.

CinéMobile is a cinema on wheels and using its own generator it can even set up screenings in places without electricity. Each year a different region in Burkina Faso is selected for the awareness projects of the mobile cinema. With packed audiences the film is followed by a round of discussion.

The focus is on topics like:

  • trafficking, forced labour and exploitation of children
  • sexual organs and their function
  • menstrual cycle
  • unwanted pregnancy
  • abortion and spacing childbirth
  • female genital mutilation

Of course men are also welcome to attend these events, because the effective implementation of the rights of women and girls can only be possible with the inclusion of men. The screenings are very popular in the villages providing not only a welcome distraction but also valuable information.

Explaining their rights to women can only help to a limited extent as long as they are financially dependent on their husbands. With this in mind P.P.Filles provides a series of activities to help women earn their own living. One very successful means
is to offer microcredits. We are able to grant microcredits to as many as 500 women a year.

A small donation can go a long way. By giving even €50 you can subsidise a microcredit which gives a woman her independence just by selling water or rice.