AMPO Social Services

"Who would have thought that such cowed, neglected and suppressed women could turn out to be such proud, independent family providers? Many years ago our head sociologist introduced a system of group microcredits which turned out to be a great success.“

Katrin Rohde "Mama Tenga – My African Life“

The AMPO social services are primarily aimed at socially disadvantaged women and girls and assist them with counselling and material help. The spectrum ranges from the granting of microcredits to the distribution of food. Microcredits are given to groups of women who want to set up a small business.
The social services provide an open house where anyone can come. Requests that exceed the competence of the department are forwarded to the right governmental or cooperative structures with the help of the staff. In addition, the cooperation with the other AMPO facilities is extremely close. For example, abused women can be referred to the AMPO Clinic. Homeless girls can be taken in at the MIA/ALMA women's refuge, and undernourished babies are given a chance to survive at LINDA.

A small donation can go a long way. By giving even €50 you can subsidise a microcredit which gives a woman her independence just by selling water or rice.