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More fundraising for AMPO

Whitsun charity concert

The Whitsun charity concert held during a flea market in Pfingstberg near Plön was a huge success! The BroCross family band raised enough for two wheelchairs for children in Burkina Faso. Fans who had travelled specially from Emsland and Hanover joined the band in a traditional laola wave when each contribution was announced. There are eleven members of the band, two brothers with their families from Plön and Melle near Osnabrück. The youngest is only ten years old. With brilliant weather and a constant supply of cold drinks, coffee, cakes, skewers of meat and sausages, about 1,000 participants had a great time at Hof Schlossblick, home of the Rothfos family. Thanks to all our helpers we had an unforgettable day.

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