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Current Activities

Monthly diary

Extra tuition for AMPO schoolchildren

In Burkina Faso it is quite normal to have more than 50 pupils to a classroom. Given the circumstances there is obviously no room for individual attention to each child. 55 out of 60 children in the AMPO orphanage attend school. Our local colleagues noticed that in various subects there were several gaps in their knowledge. That is why we are now offering extra tuition at AMPO. During the week tutors are available in the evenings to consolidate the children’s knowledge and to answer any questions. Many former AMPO children join us at weekends to help their juniors to study for exams.

We can proudly report that the effort has been worthwhile. The children bring home terrific marks from school.

P.P. Filles and CINÉMOBIL in Boulgou

The P.P. Filles team set off with the CINÉMOBIL to the Boulgou province, about 230 kms from Ouagadougou. The purpose of the trip was to offer counselling and awareness talks in schools. On subjects such as HIV/AIDS and contraception the school audience was given questionnaires to complete to find out which topics in particular had to be addressed in the talks. This enabled us to identify any gaps in knowledge and answer any open questions.

In addition tot he activities with the schoolchildren the team met the leaders of the local development committee to discuss the effectiveness of the awareness campaign. These leaders enjoy considerable respect in their community, which makes their opinion and their support a valuable asset when carrying out our activities. Together we can make a difference!

Easter in the orphanage for girls

It is no secret that at AMPO we celebrate all the religious festivals with all the children. Easter was one of those festivals when all the children and young people came together.

After prayers the celebration began that Katrin Rohde, aka Mama Tenga, had organised fort he children, their friends and all the AMPO staff. It was an opportunity for the kids to show the guests what they can do. They sang and danced and demonstrated their circus skills. The German Ambassador, the Attaché from the Luxemburg Embassy, the Head of the GIZ German Society for International Cooperation and many friends of AMPO were among the guests. Everyone joined in the dancing, giving the children the encouragement they need.

The children were dressed in their finest, the girls sporting their latest hairstyles. The food was great and the party went on late into the evening.

Every gesture counts!

Every gesture counts because it is comforting to know that somebody somewhere in the world is thinking about us. The young women at MIA/ALMA were paid a visit by Mme Sorgho, a courageous woman who works in the insurance business. She came along to get to know the girls and brought the clothes. The girls were delighted. Thank you, Mme Sorgho!

Medical assistance for 70 women

In the middle of March Katrin Rohde visited the Paspanga solidarity centre. The centre houses 70 elderly women accused of witchcraft without reason – one of the surest ways of getting rid of women in Burkina Faso. They are alone, with no medical assistance. Katrin Rohde saw the need for medical attention and promptly sent them 20 crutches and 2 wheelchairs. The women also told Katrin that some of them have problems with their eyesight. The team from our Optical Unit offered to examine them and treat them free of charge. Twelve of the women came to be examined at our Clinic and were given free medication, sunglasses or a cataract operation, depending on their diagnosis.

The women were so grateful to AMPO and to Katrin for the assistance. Activities like these are only possible thanks to your support.

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