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Current Activities

Monthly diary

Kadiguétou and Albert got married

The 19th of December was a special day:

Kadiguétou Kabore, one of our former girls married Albert Ouédraogo. Kadiguétou completed her training at the state school for Water Affairs and Forestry in 2018. There she met Albert Ouédraogo who was doing his military training and they fell in love. The civil wedding took place in the town hall of Pabre and the church ceremony was held in the Wend la Mita church in Kamboinse.

Here in Burkina there is a kind of tradition in military circles: the newly weds are teased by their comrades to give them a taste of harsh military life. Kadiguetou had to carry a bag of stones on her back, kneel down in her wedding dress, sing and run. It was quite a sight!

Finally we were invited for refreshments and the wedding gifts were handed over. We wish the happy couple all the best in their marriage.

Committee elections in the orphanage for boys

A children’s committee is elected every year in the orphanages so that the representatives can speak on behalf of all the other children, strictly applying the principle of each child’s rights and obligations.

The procedure takes place after each new intake and it involves all of the children. The children organise everything themselves without participation by anyone else.

The election process is free and democratic. Candidates may propose themselves, or they may be proposed by a third party, and consideration is given to the reasoned statement of each candidate.

A committee of five was duly elected this year to everyone’s satisfaction.

Donations for the Clinic arrived

The team at the AMPO Clinic would like to thank the German organisation “action medeor“ for the generous donation to the Clinic.

This substantial donation included medicine, medical consumables and cleaning products which will facilitate the work of the Clinic staff and enable them to treat more patients.

On the road with the ASAO cinémobile

Every month members of the awareness group of P.P.FILLES cover the area where the cinémobile operates to monitor activities. One member visited Bissaya, a village in the rural community of Zabré (in the central eastern region) to monitor the awareness activities of the ASAO project cinémobile from 16th to 18th December 2020.

An invitation to MIA/ALMA

The Social Security Fund organised a Christmas party on 23rd December and invited some of our young women. There was dancing, games and of course Christmas presents, much to everyone’s delight. We’d like to thank the directors for their kind invitation and for the great time had by all.

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