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AMPO Orphanage for boys

50 boys returned to the orphanage on the 22nd of September after spending 8 weeks with their families or guardians. During this time the team of educators were busy with enrolment in school, procuring school material and making school uniforms.

After discussions and applying the means test criteria, five new boys joined the orphanage. For them of course it was all new and took a bit of getting used to. But everyone was enroled, kitted out and ready to start school on time on the 3rd of October.

AMPO Orphanage for girls

The reunion after such a long time was also celebrated in style at the Orphanage for girls. Some were accompanied by family members or guardians. The newcomers received a warm welcome from the “old hands” into what for them is a new environment. It is a great opportunity for everyone to embark on a new future full of hope.


At the end of September the MIA/ALMA team organised a meeting with residents’ family members. They exchanged information about the care services provided for the young women and about their future. The afternoon as a huge success for everyone involved. The family members were relieved to hear about the care and thanked all of the staff for their wonderful support.

The young women here would be hopelessly exposed to life in the major city of Ouagadougou without the help of this women’s shelter.


Again in September Cinémobile made several visits to selected villages in continuation of the awareness programmes. With the current political situation it is no longer quite so easy. Nevertheless the team was welcomed by the elders of the Batono, Tébo, Manzago and Kourono communities where they held fruitful and constructive discussions.

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