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P.P. Filles

The awareness activities continued in May in the villages of the Arbolé community in the Passoré province. We also organised a meeting with contacts in the ten villages to discuss the way forward for beneficiaries in the various villages and how to carry out awareness-raising activities. The exchange was used to address problems and difficulties as well as solutions to ensure the activities run smoothly.


May was hardly a relaxing month for our local colleagues. We went twice to MACO, the prison in Ouagadougou to collect two girls. Samira, 18 years old, who has come up against the law and three-year-old Awa, who was with her mother in prison, have found a new home at AMPO, where they will receive the care they need. First, Awa will go to kindergarten and second, Samira can start her training. The newcomers received a warm welcome from the other residents. You could see the joy in their faces and we will offer them all the help they need.

Orphanage for Boys

The boys in the orphanage play all sorts of sports including soccer, volleyball, table tennis and table soccer. This keeps the children physically and mentally fit.

To add to the excitement the boys were recently given a complete set of handball equipment.

The children are delighted to discover a new sport which they really enjoy!

AMPO Clinic

At this point we have to warn you about the following content. If you are sensitive to descriptions of physical and mental violence we would advise you not to continue reading.

Every morning the AMPO Clinic opens iis gates as usual. This time a very special woman, Aicha, stood in the waiting room. She was exhausted as she entered the surgery and told the story of how she came to AMPO.

She lived in Titao, a small village in the north of Burkina Faso, about 200 kms from AMPO. Sadly the terrorists also had this town in their sights. One morning several men entered her house, tied her up and killed her husband and her son in front of her eyes. She could hardly cope with her grief and twice she tried to take her own life. After the attack however she was not alone. There were two other children dependent on their mother and Aicha knew that she had to find help. So she went to Oagadougou with her children.

At the moment she and her children are living with a host family, where they receive care and food aid as well as psychological support from psychologists at AMPO.   


The names have been changed.

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