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AMPO Orphanage for boys

Hygiene is part of the boys‘ fixed daily routine. Everything has to be clean: body, clothes, sleeping quarters, yard, dining area and toilets. We explain the importance of hygiene on a regular basis. This is the only way to keep disease and severe infection of open wounds at bay.

Of course the boys also want to look good and so the barber comes to the orphanage once a month. After three hours and a lot of patience, around 60 heads are shorn and the guys feel great and look even better!

The AMPO Clinic

Last month Barry Yacouba came to the Clinic. He has no family. He left his hometown Fada to look for work in the capital, Ouagadougou. There he met a man who gave him a job as a waiter in his restaurant. Barry had an accident and could no longer work. He had wounds on his feet and he was dismissed. He was sleeping in the open when a woman found him and brought him to the Clinic.

He was given first aid and then referred to Rehab where he continued the treatment. His wounds are healing and we hope he will soon be able to return home.

The entire AMPO Clinic team is so grateful to our financial partners for donating the means in support of their work.


The CINÉMOBILE team carried out a number of discussion groups for women, men and mixed groups, in February this year.

The topic this time was parent-child relations with events being held in ten villages in the Arbole district about 80 kms from Ouagadougou.


Each time Dr. Ute Leifert comes to Ouagadougou she pays a visit to the kids in the orphanages. And as usual, she did not come empty handed: fabric and fruit for the girls.

The girls responded, expressing their thanks with song and dance and their best wishes for a long life in health and happiness.

AMPO Orphanage for girls

On the 11th of February the AMPO children were invited to visit the Fondation Hirondelle, a foundation that operates Radio Yafa. They are due to officially launch a special new programme. Radio Yafa studio is committed to the pursuit and consolidation of peace. The station broadcasts its programmes in all official languages to more than 40 local radio transmitters throughout the country.

Our children have already been invited several times to perform their song "Dépose ton arme" on radio. This time the girls were the guests and they appealed to listeners everywhere for solidarity, mutual support and peace.

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