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AMPO Orphanage for boys

Every week every member of the AMPO staff does something to promote the social education and sporting activities of the children at the orphanages and January was no exception. The focal point is to develop skills and interests. During the holidays we organise competitions to enable the kids to learn to share, to exercise patience, to make compromises and to settle minor differences, while at the same time displaying a healthy degree of ambition. Circus skills, table tennis, soccer, jigsaws, card games, judo and much more are all there for the children to choose, although soccer is pretty high on the list for the boys.

AMPO Clinic

Sana is only 26 years old and she looks after her entire family along with all the housework. A few months ago she was diagnosed with cervical cancer and underwent an operation without complications.

Recently she received another diagnosis. Doctors found a lump in her left breast and another in her right thigh. Her doctor recommended a series of tests and issued a whole range of prescriptions. In Burkina Faso there is no mandatory health insurance and subsequently contributions, unlike in Europe, are exorbitant. This means that most of the population has no health insurance, including Sana. There was no money for treatment and medicine and so she approached an NGO, Voix de Femmes. Voix de Femmes knew about AMPO and our Clinic and Sana was referred to us.

The Clinic of course assumed the costs for the necessary tests and medication. Sadly the test results showed that Sana was suffering from breast cancer.

AMPO then undertook to cover the cost of chemotherapy. Fortunately the treatment appears to be taking effect and Sana is improving. We only hope that all goes well.


The social services department team of P.P.FILLES handed out food parcels to 107 women in need at the beginning of January. Many of them are widows from various districts in Ouagadougou. Some of these women have fled from their villages to escape terrorist attacks. Some have lost their husbands and are the sole providers for their children. With no job, no family or no home, they strive to cope in the city. Some of them go begging just to put food on the table.

In order to offer these women at least temporary relief, we are using some of your donations to provide food.


On the 13th of January 2022, Katrin Rohde accompanied Marina Pfaffernoschke, wife of the German Ambassador, who visited AMPO in Ouagadougou. They talked to members of staff and exchanged ideas on how to scale up activities.

There was a new arrival at AMPO six weeks ago. Katrin Rohde and Marina Pfaffernoschke could not resist meeting the newborn baby and giving their blessing.

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