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MIA/ALMA refuge for women

On Thursday the 26th of January the staff and residents of MIA/ALMA organised a farewell party for Souleymane Nana and Clarisse Ouedraogo. They are both leaving to embark on their well-deserved retirement.  Dénis Yameogo, Director General of AMPO was invited of course and he took the opportunity to thank them both for their dedication and cooperation. He went on to encourage the staff to continue their unstinting efforts for the wellbeing of the residents of MIA/ALMA. Souleymane Nana has been Director of MIA/ALMA for many years. He will be greatly missed by all of us at AMPO.

We wish the new Director, Aden Clément Nougtana, every success in his new position.

AMPO orphanages

At the end of January an association, whose aim is to contribute to the development of young people in the Sahel Region, organised a joint dinner for the children. The meal provided the members with an opportunity to show solidarity and support for the children. The menu included  seasoned rice with fish, a traditional local dish, and bissap juice. The hosts also brought along soap for the children and promised to come back again with more gifts in the future.

The children were unanimous in expressing their thanks to the donors, wishing them every success in their work.

AMPO Clinic

Amie B. is 22 years old, married and mother of two children. At the beginning of 2022, after attending the Clinic complaining of chronic diarrhoea, she discovered that she was infected with HIV. Her husband left her after hearing the diagnosis.

One of our VIIMDE staff who happened to be at the Clinic saw Amie in tears. Our staff member took her and her children back to her home where she offered to put them up and look after them.

The psychologist and the Head of VIIMDE are taking steps to meet Amie’s husband and discuss the situation.

Pending a successful outcome, AMPO has given the VIIMDE staff member a 50 kg sack of rice as a token of support.

Amie B. is very grateful for the help she has received.

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