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AMPO Orphanages

Every year on the 24th of December we celebrate Christmas at AMPO along with millions of others across the world. In the runup to the holidays the AMPO kids play an active part in the preparations for the festival. The girls and boys clean their huts and the educators take them to the market to buy new shoes and clothes they choose themselves. The girls get very creative when it comes to braiding their hair, the boys start building the crib which is finally decorated and illuminated. Then comes the great day – friends of AMPO, the staff and their families come together to share these moments of joy with the children.

For the children the best moment of all is when they get their presents. They sing “Oh Christmas tree“ to mark the approach of Father Christmas who comes on his sleigh to the orphanages, loaded with presents for all the children. Most of the kids receive presents from their sponsors and those who have no sponsors receive presents bought locally. After dinner we all dance late into the night.

On Christmas day the children return to their home families to continue celebrating and to spend the remainder of the holidays there with them.

P.P. Filles

Every month the staff of the Awareness Group at the AMPO/P.P.FILLES Centre go out to follow up on the awareness activities of the CINÉMOBILE Team.

One member of staff travelled to Bissaya, a village in the rural district of Zabré from 16th to 18th of December. She talked at length to the women there about their current circumstances and about the topics that had already been broached by CINÉMOBILE. This enables the participants to expand their knowledge of contraception, family planning and empowerment.

Medical examinations for all those at the orphanages

On the 5th of December the AMPO Clinic carried out the annual medical examinations for all 120 inhabitants of the orphanages. The check-ups were done by the team of doctors from CSSE, the Solidarity Chain for Health and Education, together with the nursing staff at the AMPO Clinic.

Routine deworming, gynaecological screening for the girls, eye tests and dental check-ups, blood tests (electrophoresis, blood grouping) were all part of the process.

A total of 183 prescriptions were issued and covered by the AMPO Clinic. The Clinic staff was grateful for the cooperation and shared experience with the CSSE team of doctors. We would like to express our thanks to the Ministry for Women, Humanitarian Affairs and National Solidarity and the CSSE. Our special thanks also go to all of our donors for their support in caring for children in need.


We received a visit from members of the FASO NEEMA Association on the 31st of December 2021. They donated food and money for vegetables, so that the girls could celebrate New Year in style. By way of thanks, the girls invited the visitors to stay for dinner.

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