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Microcredits for a new start in life

AMPO microcredits are another important channel of support for women.  P.P.Filles manages the groups of usually 10 women and regularly checks to ensure that their income-generating activities are going well. Once again this month the staff paid the women a visit. One of them sells sandwiches outside a primary school, another breeds chickens at home. The income from these activities secures a living for their families. Children are able to go to school, receive regular, balanced meals and if they are ill there is money to buy medicine. Unlike other microcredit schemes, AMPO charges no interest. We are only able to do this because of your donations.This means that women are not trapped in a downward spiral of debt and can then concentrate on their work and their families.

“Octobre Rose” in the AMPO Clinic

October is a very special month for the Clinic. As part of a WHO initiative,  4 weeks every year are devoted to breast cancer awareness. Of course the AMPO Clinic also took part in the "Octobre rose" scheme. Together with 3 other associations we organised screening for breast cancer and cervical cancer from 26th to 30th October 2021, when women could come to the Clinic to be tested by our medical staff.

This is how it worked at the Clinic:

  1. The women were brought to a waiting room where they watched a film about screening for the two types of cancer. The staff was there on the spot to answer any questions or concerns raised by the women.
  2. In a second room the women’s personal details and in particular their state of health were registered.
  3. Subsequently each woman was given an individual medical examination by doctors and midwives in separate treatment rooms. Breasts and cervix were tested for signs of suspicion of breast cancer and/or cervical cancer. In cases of suspicion of disease the women were referred to specialists.
  4. Confirmed cases of cervical cancer are referred to the gynaecological department of the state university clinic of Ouagadougou, where treatment is subsidised by the state. AMPO supports the women as far as possible for their treatment and medical expenses.
  5. Finally those women who tested negative visited the DearMamma The DearFoundation developed an app explaining step by step palpation of the breast. This means that screening starts by the woman herself. The booth was there to install and explain the app. Those women without a mobile phone were given a DearMamma brochure.

The campaign was a huge success. In the course of the week an average of 200 women were screened each day.

Football for that community feeling

Every week the orphanages organise various activities for the kids, to encourage a spirit of community. One of the favourite activities with the boys is soccer. Each weekend 6 teams compete with each other, one for each of the dorms. Another competition is in the planning for new kids versus old.

There is always a hint of ambition involved, but this does not detract from the fun by any means. Sweets, biscuits and candies are provided for all the teams participating.

An intern for MIA/ALMA

The work of MIA/ALMA is supported by an intern for three months. The state school for training social workers selects organisations such as AMPO working for the community. After a short visit to the premises the intern is introduced and is given a warm welcome by all. Over the next three months we will learn from each other and benefit from each other.

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