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MIA/ALMA is a place of refuge for young women who have been expelled from their homes for a variety of reasons. There they are given all the care they need by our staff. They are not only given a roof over their head but also receive psychological support, an opportunity to learn new skills and embark on a training programme. One very important skill is cultivating a plot of land to enable them to feed themselves and their children.

At the end of July the women at MIA/ALMA cleared the weeds from the small plot at the facility and planted maize. The work was done to the accompaniment of a djembe player spurning the women on. Many of the women took part and put in a lot of effort. If the rainy season is favourable we hope to have a good maize harvest, which will help to feed us or maybe even to provide a small snack in between, because the women love to eat grilled corn-on-the -cob. Actitivies like this teach them how to cultivate a field.

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