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Busy hands knit for refugees

Busy hands knit for refugees

To all our wool lovers and busy knitters:

Once again we were delighted to receive another container in Ouagadougou, a third of which was full of beautifully knitted baby blankets, hats, jackets and underwear in lovely colours.

You can imagine how long it took us to sort everything out:

Most of the contents went to the victims of terrorism – more than one million. They were forced to flee their villages, many of them live in camps, having lost the land they once farmed and have no food. The nights are now cold and all of them are suffering.

Your blankets are a blessing!

Some of the products are given to other orphanages, particularly state-run institutions who have no money and no blankets. And then we also provide the other hospitals with blankets and hats to hand out. You can see from the photos how welcome these gifts are. The video shows distribution in the refugee camps.

Please keep on knitting. All of us here are so grateful.

Yours, Katrin Rohde in Ouagadougou

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