KAM NOGLOOM - Association of former AMPO children

KAM NOGLOOM des anciens enfants de AMPO is an association founded in October 2022. After leaving the orphanages, some of the former AMPO children met up regularly over the years to exchange experiences and provide mutual support. The transition towards a life of independence after leaving AMPO was not easy for all of them and many were able to help each other.

The next logical step was to set up an association which has now been officially recognised  by the authorities since 2022. Meanwhile the association, financed through donations,  has grown to include 140 members.

We believe that setting up the association is a wonderful example of sustainability and personal initiative.

AMPO International shares their happiness, in admiration of their solidarity as a family after living in the orphanages.

On this page you will also find interviews with some of the former children telling how AMPO not only changed but saved their lives and what they have become today.