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Katrin Rohde

Who we are

The purpose of our Association is to support the facilities of AMPO, Association Managré Nooma pour la protection des orphelins (Association for the protection of orphans) in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso. We assist children who are orphans or half-orphans, offering them protection, food, accommodation, schooling and psychological support. Another AMPO facility is there to assist young women who have been driven out of their villages, providing them with a fresh start and enabling them to lead independent lives. Our mission is therefore to promote education, integration, courage and strength towards a life of self-determination.

The aim of the Association is also to allow access for as many people as possible to medical and health support, by offering free treatment and medication to the poorest of the poor at our AMPO Clinic.

In supporting the various facilities our goal is to counteract a refugee movement which is driving people towards a future without dignity. Our aim is to show them the prospects available in their own country  and to offer them assistance. The children especially are the future of this country. ...Mission statement

AMPO Facilities

A child can become anything, but only if it can first be a child. Sponsor a child

AMPO Orphanages

Refuge for abandoned girls

AMPO - Social Services

Agricultural college and organic farm

Training kitchen and restaurant

Wheelchair project

Mobile wheelchair project

AMPO Clinic

Training facilities

Association of former AMPO children

Current activities

Welcome Mrs DENNE Honorine

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Honorine DENNE who has just joined our staff at AMPO in Ouagadougou to work on fundraising.

She comes to us with experience of project coordination, she has managed communication departments and has been the leader of several NGOs.

Mme DENNE has also worked on financing various  projects, including EU projects.

Before she took up her post officially on 2nd May 2024 she visited all of the AMPO facilities to gain an overview.

We are looking forward to working closely with Mme DENNE and wish her all the very best.

Lions fund laboratory equipment

The ceremonial handover of laboratory equipment took place on 23 March 2024. Once it is up and running, the AMPO infirmary will be able to carry out important medical tests immediately.

This laboratory equipment was financed by the Lions Club Hamburg-Altona and the North Sea Lions (Lions Clubs of the countries bordering the North Sea). The LC Ouagadougou Karite took part in the handover on their behalf.

This equipment will help many people in need. AMPO can now react much faster to certain diseases and can try to help even better.

Our thanks go to the Lions Club Hamburg-Altona and the North Sea Lions!

Where can you buy the beautiful patchwork products?

Flyer number 2

There are two possibilities!
They are made in our MIA/ALMA project. Young women who have been rejected and/or abused receive training in this project, e.g. as seamstresses.
You can buy them there and/or directly from AMPO, where you will also find the Mam Dunia restaurant.
If you are not in Ouaga, there is a second option, namely to buy them from our office in Berlin.
No matter where you are, come and visit us!

AMPO does a good job on site

Small flyers have been produced for individual projects to draw attention to the projects and products. We would like to introduce you to the projects over the next few months, starting with AMPO's wonderful restaurant "Mam Dunia".

And the Bundeswehr helped again!

Recently, the Stella-Maris Catholic Primary School in Bremerhaven donated a number of school desks and chairs. Too much for AMPO, so AMPO passed the donation on to a school about 40 kilometres from Ouagadougou. But how to get there?

1st starting signal: Hand in hand against skills shortage

With 2 strong partners at our side, we were able to hold the first intensive and concrete discussions. Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft Berolina, represented by Mr Frank Schrecker (Chairman of the Supervisory Board), agreed to provide accommodation for trainees in the future. And AHK Pflegeteam GmbH, represented by Managing Director Andreas Kröger, is of course also urgently looking for trainees and is ready to help with all the bureaucratic challenges.

We are delighted that we have been able to open the first doors with this concept and are pleased about these constructive discussions!

German Hour on Radio Horizon, Ouagadougou

Jeden Sonntag um 10 Uhr lädt „Valentin Der Bayer“ zur Deutschen Stunde im Radio Horizon, Ouagadougou ein. Am 28. Januar war Katrin zu Gast und berichtete über die Arbeit und

Every Sunday at 10 a.m., "Valentin Der Bayer" invites you to the German Hour on Radio Horizon, Ouagadougou. On 28 January, Katrin was a guest and reported on the work and facilities of AMPO. The result was an interesting interview in which many questions were answered.

Have a listen!

You can also find it on our youtube channel:

Impressions from the orphanages

What does a Sunday at the orphanages look like? We show you a few short videos, lovingly commented by Katrin Rohde. Come with us ...

Focus on: Burkina Faso

We say thank you!

Dr Bernhard Geiselmann invited us to report on AMPO as part of his own exhibition "In Focus: Burkina Faso". He has been processing his impressions of Burkina Faso in pictures for many years.

The location was provided by Café Möca in the Möckern neighbourhood in Berlin.

After a short introduction, we reported on our own impressions that we were able to gather exactly one year ago.

It was a nice combination and we were pleased to welcome interested visitors.

If you are interested in Dr Geiselmann's pictures or a presentation, please contact our office.

Sommerfest in der Berliner Geschäftsstelle

Glück auf der ganzen Linie … Nach etlichen Regentagen, hatten wir am 07.07. wunderschönes Wetter. So konnten wir für unser Fest auch draußen mit einplanen, und endlich kam mal unser wunderbares Tresenfenster zur Geltung.

Presentations: Travel Diary 2023

At the beginning of March, Ute Krüger and Britta Sacadati were able to report on their trip to Burkina Faso and the visit to the AMPO facilities.

Weekend Christmas markets for AMPO

Just in time for the first weekend of Advent, several Christmas markets took place where AMPO was represented. Volunteers as well as the staff from the Berlin office were very active.

Freie Waldorfschule Heidelberg - Running for Burkina Faso

In spite of soaring temperatures the pupils of the Freie Waldorfschule in Heidelberg held a sponsored run for a good cause. They had already started contactjng sponsors for the run and they succeeded for the most part. Those unable to offer financial support were able to assist in other ways …

Fundraising for AMPO

Despite the tropical heat, the flea market in Darmstadt went very well. Our AMPO supporter, Elena Onken, was there selling articles from our shop and other hand-knitted products. The proceeds went to AMPO. Thank you so much, Elena Onken. We really admire your creativity and your commitment.

More fundraising for AMPO

The Whitsun charity concert held during a flea market in Pfingstberg near Plön was a huge success! The BroCross family band raised enough for two wheelchairs for children in Burkina Faso. Fans who had travelled specially from Emsland and Hanover joined the band in a traditional laola wave when each contribution was announced. There are eleven members of the band, two brothers with their families from Plön and Melle near Osnabrück. The youngest is only ten years old. With brilliant weather and a constant supply of cold drinks, coffee, cakes, skewers of meat and sausages, about 1,000 participants had a great time at Hof Schlossblick, home of the Rothfos family. Thanks to all our helpers we had an unforgettable day.

AMPO Directors visit Berlin

It was our great pleasure to meet the Director General of AMPO in Ouagadougou, Dénis Yameogo, and the Director of the Clinic, Léontine Samandoulougou