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Monthly diary

This year both Christian and Muslim fasting periods overlapped for a few days. The girls at the orphanage were competing with each other when it came to observing the principles of fasting, like sharing, penance, praying, avoiding insulting language.

There’s an angel on our roof

... Katrin Rohde used these words to describe the happiness she experienced in Ouaga shortly before her return journey to Hamburg ...

Monthly diary

There are many everyday stories to report from February. The girls went to a radio station, the boys did their spring cleaning and the CINÉMOBIL team talked to lots of people.

Monthly diary

Despite the uncertain circumstances in Burkina Faso, there is once again positive news to report in January. AMPO has had new children, more than 100 women received help and the children were able to really let off steam.

Monthly diary

Every year on the 24th of December we celebrate Christmas at AMPO along with millions of others across the world. In the runup to the holidays the AMPO kids play an active part in the preparations for the festival. The girls and boys clean their huts and the educators take them to the market to buy new shoes and clothes they choose themselves.

Monthly diary

October is a very special month for the Clinic. As part of a WHO initiative,  4 weeks every year are devoted to breast cancer awareness. Of course the AMPO Clinic also took part in the "Octobre rose" scheme.

Monthly diary

The new AMPO year always starts in August after a summer break. Many new activities started in September and the new orphans moved into AMPO.

Monthly diary

A lot has happened this past month in terms of personal stories, summer events and support activities and … the AMPO kids have also produced their own song!

Sunday, 03.04.2022

Hamburger Stammtisch

Landhaus Walter (Otto-Wels-Str. 2, 22303 Hamburg)

Dear interested parties,

we are starting again with our 1st regulars' table in a long time. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Here's my donation!

Yes, I want to support AMPO International
helping children in Burkina Faso.

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