Donations for special occasions

Birthday, wedding, anniversary ...?

The next time you have something to celebrate, ask for a donation to support our work. Whether it's a birthday, wedding, anniversary or the birth of a child, there are many occasions when people give presents.  Make it easy for your guests and do a good deed at the same time.

Ask your family and friends to transfer a donation to AMPO International, or pass round a collection box during the event. We'll help you plan any fundraising activity. If we agree on a keyword for transfers we can evaluate your activity and let you know the result.


Social networking

Using social media you reach more people to share your fundraising activities. Do good and talk about it . You'll be helping our association to continue the good work.

Fundraising activities can be started using Facebook or Betterplace and other portals. You define the purpose of the fundraiser, share with friends or recruit new donors and monitor the results. The amount raised is finally paid out to AMPO International.

Promotional package

We will send you on request a promotional package for your event, containing pre-printed invitations, flyers, brochures, collection boxes, books, etc..

Every donation helps us to create perspectives for people in Burkina Faso. Your support brings us one step further to achieving our goal. Thank you!

Order a promotional package for your birthday celebrations.  We will send you flyers, collection boxes and selected products free of charge.

Let us know what you want how many guests you expect.