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Make a donation instead of giving presents!

Among our families and friends there are always those who already have everything. Our gift donation is perfect for cases like these. Make a gift of a symbolic donation, like a year’s schooling, a goat or mosquito nets for people in need in Burkina Faso. We will send you a card with a short text saying how your gift donation helps us and supports people in need.

How does it work?

  1. Choose a gift.
  2. Fill out the form with the amount and the purpose of the donation.
  3. You will receive a card within a week containing all the information for you to pass on.
  4. Alternatively you can print out the certificate attached to the email confirmation.

Happy shopping!

A bicycle

60 €

A bicycle offers so many possibilities in Burkina Faso. Children can ride to school, in an emergency you can reach the hospital faster, and for women it is a means of generating income.
Donation purpose: Promoting women

Essential medication and nutrition

10 €

Undernourished infants undergo careful examination in our LINDA Project. In many cases they are suffering from an illness and they need special nourishment to promote growth in addition to essential medication.
Donation purpose: Health

Mosquito nets

36 €

Malaria is one of the most frequent causes of death in Burkina Faso, especially among children. A simple mosquito net can prevent fever, headache and diarrhoea.

Donation purpose: Health

One year at primary school

50 €

School attendance is compulsory in Burkina Faso, yet less than half the children attend primary school. Make it possible for a child to go to school for a year.

Donation purpose: Education

One year at secondary modern school

90 €

The school system in Burkina Faso is modelled on the French system. Only 14% continue to high school. The main reason for this is that families need their children to go to work.
Donation purpose: Education

One year high school

250 €

A UNESCO survey shows that girls in particular do not attend high schools. The number of girls enrolling in primary school is on the increase, but no progress has been made in terms of high school.
Donation purpose: Education

10 Kilos of rice

30 €

Owing to persistent droughts, food is scarce in Burkina Faso. Rice in particular has to be imported since local production is not sufficient. The price of rice has increased and imports have come to a standstill because of the corona pandemic.
Donation purpose: Food

Microcredit for one woman

40 €

These microcredits are an investment in income-generating activities. As start-up capital for a foodstall or a bicycle, the money helps the woman to set up her own small business.

Donation purpose: Promoting women

A goat

30 €

This goat can feed a whole family for a year. She provides milk, manure and produces offspring for the herd. Another advantage is low maintenance as a farm animal.

Donation purpose: Food

1 Metre brick wall

43 €

We need a brick wall for our second TondTenga Projekt in Kalinga to enclose the entire property.

Donation purpose: TondTenga in Kalinga

A midwife’s bag

80 €

Many women who come to us are pregnant for lack of contraception or as a result of rape. A midwife’s bag is important for a healthy pregnancy and vital for a healthy birth.
Donation purpose: Health

Office supplies for a month

60 €

The charity also needs office supplies on site: files for the Clinic, paper for applications to foundations for funding, issuing certificates, pens for signing and a whole lot more.

Donation purpose: General

These gift donations are symbolic of the requirements of the various AMPO projects. Our list contains examples of what is needed in terms of services and procurements to offer perspectives to children and young people in their own country. Your donation will be allocated where it is needed most in line with the purpose you have indicated.

Alternatively you can make a transfer to our donation account, indicating the donation purpose.

Donation account:

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